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Advisory Practice

The International NeoRetroism Institute (INI) convenes many of America’s leading thinkers and practitioners in architecture, design, planning, engineering, and development. INI’s advisory services program has paired the brightest minds in real estate with the most challenging problems facing our communities to create a more authentic blueprint for change, identified communities facing urban development and land use challenges, and supported community efforts to re-knit the fabric of society. Together, we shape the future of our communities.

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Advisory Contributors

The International NeoRetroism Institute (INI) proudly showcases a distinguished panel of advisory contributors, each a luminary in fields such as real estate, urban planning, architecture, and development. Our advisors bring unparalleled expertise and vision, crucial for tackling the complex challenges of urban development and community revitalization. By leveraging their deep insights and innovative approaches, INI is dedicated to fostering sustainable, culturally-rich urban landscapes. Together, these leaders play a pivotal role in sculpting the vibrant future of our communities.

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